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Regeneration-Service KSN Wassertechnik Harald Koch

For mixed-bed water deioinisers

For constant efficiency to be assured, hardly any other product relies more on customer service than mixed-bed deionisers; since used mixed-bed ion exchange resins must at certain regular intervals be subject to a regeneration process.

This means that speed and flexibility form a decisive part of the regeneration process.. In order to cater to the individual need of each user, KSN Service Logistics exists in various guises: - a mobile regeneration service operating within a 150 km radius of company headquarters at Nistertal - refilling points at KSN specialist dealers and service centres all over Germany - a centralised regeneration service at company headquarters in Nistertal (cartridges sent by transport company, mail, or courier).

P.S. We are looking for specialist dealers and service-centers all over in Europe! Don't hesitate to contact us!

The use of regeneration coupons has the additional advantage of simplifying the task of regenerating cartridges, offering the user both regeneration at a reasonable price and, above all, simpler processing and administration. Regeneration quality also plays its role alongside the speed and reliability of a properly functioning regeneration service. KSN keeps regeneration under its own authority, thus ensuring correct and permanent long-term control of the reliability and service life of ion exchange resins.

PLEASE NOTE: KSN also regenerates other manufacturers’ de-ionising cartridges promptly, with great care and at a reasonable price. Further information is available via our Service Hotline.

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Service means a lot for us, from taylormade planning of water purification up to the regeneration ion exchange resins!