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Pure water production from a new perspective

Pure Water

Water de-ionising and pure water supply from a new perspective. High performance technology and modern production methods have turned pure water into a vital element of many processes, and customer-friendly solutions capable of producing top-quality purified water at reasonable cost are set to be the future trend in this area of activity.

Purified water - the universal medium

In almost all activities requiring accurate results and excellent production quality, pure de-ionised water has become the norm.

Optimum production and research techniques, improvements in quality and reduced production costs are all now far easier than with untreated mains water or softened or partly de-ionised water.

The uses of purified water

The possible uses of purified water are numerous and the scope for applications extremely wide-ranging:

  • laboratory and research technology
  • medical technology
  • the chemicals industry
  • pharmaceuticals
  • the cosmetics industry
  • air conditioning and moisture control
  • surface cleaning
  • materials processing and cooling circuits
  • washing and cleaning processes in industry and catering

The principle of mixed-bed ion exchange

The impurities present in water can be divided into four groups: - dissolved inorganic material (mineral salts, gases, metals) - dissolved organic substances (e.g. chloramine, herbicides, detergents) – micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria) -particles (e.g. non-dissolved mineral substances, dust, tube abrasion fragments) The presence of dissolved inorganic substances leads in most cases to undesired consequences.

These ionogenic substances are present in mains drinking water in concentrations of varying strength, and ion exchange resins were specifically developed for the removal of these cations and anions.

The cations dissolved in the water (e.g. Ca++, Mg++, Na+) and anions (e.g. Cl¯, SO4¯, NO3¯) are extracted, while corresponding quantities of H+-ions and OH’- groups are given off in the water. The result of this exchange process is fully de-ionised water – pure H2O.

Economical and environment friendly

Mixed-bed water deionisers used along with a regeneration service have always been the simplest and most cost-effective alternative for the production of purified water.

Reverse-osmosis systems and separate-bed units are usually both highly inflexible and cost-intensive, take up large amounts of space and require expensive maintenance.

Mixed-bed water deionisers used along with a regeneration service stand out as a convincing alternative thanks to compact construction, ease of installation and the low cost of acquisition. These devices are also easy to maintain and simple to control. When a water treatment cartridge is exhausted, it is exchanged for a ready-to-use new one. The used cartridge is promptly regenerated in a cost-effective manner by the KSN-Regeneration Service and is immediately available for the next time a cartridge needs to be changed.

Mixed-bed water deionisers are also virtually unbeatable from an environmental point of view. In contrast to reverse-osmosis units, where up to 50% of the drinking water being processed is run off as concentrate, mixed-bed deionisers achieve pure water results of 100%.

Furthermore, the special ion exchange resins can be regenerated many times if handled under appropriate conditions and with the proper regenerative process – as used at the KSN regeneration point.

In this way the concept of re-circulating raw material exists in its ideal form, offering constant standardised quality.

Top quality purified water

The NOWADEST® mixed-bed water deioniser uses only high-performance mixed-bed resins of especially high quality. KSN places great emphasis on the maintenance of original performance quality as only high-quality ion exchange resins are capable of ensuring consistently high water purity in the long term.

In addition to resin quality, an important role is also played by the fact that cation and anion resins are mixed in the best possible proportions. This is a decisive factor for low conductivity and high water purity when used with the NOWADEST® water deioniser.

The conductivity of deionised water increases as the ion exchange resins become exhausted.

It should be noted in this context that purified water with conductivity values of 1m s/cm, 5m s/cm or 10m s/cm is highly suitable for many applications. NOWADEST® water deionisers produce pure water with extremely low conductivity and over a long period.

In relation to total capacity, the following levels of water purity are achieved: - approx. 50 % under 0, 1 µs/cm - approx. 70 % under 1,0 µs/cm - 100% under 20,0 µs/cm.

Cost-effective purified water production

In the age of lean production, optimum process control and cost-saving, production costs are an important facet of purified water processing and the NOWADEST® water deioniser has something to offer here also, as the operation of this device requires almost no energy.Only the conductivity measuring instrument for water purity control requires a mains connection (consuming 3W).

The device merely has to be connected to the mains water supply using the set of tubes supplied and the available mains pressure is sufficient for pure water production to take place.

The specific production costs of purified water are related to pure water capacity reached under the corresponding condition of the mains water supply.

For the water purifying capacity of individual types of device, refer to the technical data relating to the product lines NOWADEST® NF, NP and ND.

Even with a relatively high total mineral salt content of 20º dH, NOWADEST® water deionisers achieve production costs per litre of purified water of between DM0.04 and DM0.10. (KSN regeneration price list of 01.02.96, ex-works, without VAT).

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